SSA Questions and Answers

An SSA Q&A following questions from members.


SSA have been flooded with enquiries, below should help to answer most of the frequently asked questions:

Q - I'm an Amber Member and pay monthly - do I need to renew?
A - No, you will be automatically renewed every season, however if you have any free Junior Members connected to your Amber Membership once they reach the age of 16 they will need to buy a new individual membership

Q - I pay annually can I continue to do that?
A - Yes of course, however it would be appreciated if you could consider paying monthly as that way you never need to renew. Also, SSA is ran by volunteers most of whom also work day jobs so paying monthly lessens the administration for SSA. Just set up a standing order online to pay SSA as below:

NAME OF ACCOUNT: Stags Supporters Association
SORT CODE: 30-95-43

Then email us as to let us know you have joined, or fill in the attached online on the Join SSA page.

Q. What is Life Amber Membership and how much is it?
A. SSA were approached by a Stags fan who explained they loved our work however would never get round to setting up a standing order. They wanted to donate a substantial one off fee to SSA for ease and to make themselves a member for life. SSA are also aware that some fans of other clubs had issues with their owners but not with their teams fan clubs/supporters association and wanted to donate funds to organisations like SSA and not directly to their football clubs. SSA are also aware that some supporters clubs have had enquiries from individual fans nearing the end of life that wanted to gift some finance to their favourite clubs supporters club. Therefore SSA created a Life Amber Membership category so those wanting to gift a one off sum to SSA for whatever reason to become a member for life could do so. Amber Life Members automatically recieve their new membership cards every season for life. There is no set fee for Life Amber Membership this is a personal decision and all reasonable offers will be considered by the SSA Committee. There are no refunds available once an offer has been accepted and paid and it would be fair to say it is highly likely offers in excess of £1000 would be accepted.

If you are interested in becoming a Life Amber Member email or send us a private message on Facebook

Q - I pay annually and you haven't wrote to me to remind me?
A - SSA will be minimising postage costs - members will be emailed regular updates throughout the season but, please renew online if you can

Q - Do I have to collect my Membership Card, can't you post it?
A - If you don't live local or prefer your card posting that is fine - however to minimise postage costs to SSA it would be preferable if you could collect if possible.

Q - Can I collect my new membership card on SSA travel to Oldham or Crewe?
A - Yes absolutely

Q - Can I join on the coach to Oldham or Crewe?
A - Yes absolutely, but full £48 payment in cash would be required on the day to travel at Member’s prices for Crewe

Q - Can I join SSA at the club in the week?
A - Yes absolutely, leave your details and cash or cheque made payable to Stags Supporters Association in a sealed envelope marked FAO SSA and give to Stags Box Office Staff at the Club Ticket Office

Q - I have paid £4 a month for years, can I pay more?
A - Yes absolutely, that would be great, just alter your standing order payment online

Q - Can I still join by sending my form and payment to the SSA postbox?
A - Yes absolutely, if you prefer

Q - I have Juniors who haven't recieved their birthday card
A - Have you given SSA your current address and child’s date of birth?

Q - Where are the new season paper membership forms?
A - SSA are minimising admin costs - SSA currently sponsor the Club’s Matchday Team Sheets, which has an application form on the back - these are available from SSA and the club

Q - What benefits do I get as an SSA Member
A - SSA hope you enjoy contributing to the club in the form of helping pay towards the new player’s tunnel at the Stags and ensuring Children's parties go ahead 3 times a year, as well as help sponsor players/events - in addition to this there are a list of Members Exclusive Benefits online at

Q - Can I direct message SSA on Facebook
A - Yes absolutely, however SSA is ran by volunteers and we will respond when time allows so please be patient